Usando Pontos de Destino

Pontos de destino não gasto para comprar Qualidades ou ganhos em jogo, podem ser usados durante o jogo:

Spending Effects
O ponto gasto assim volta na próxima sessão.

  • Gain +1B. This die can exceed the normal limits on bonus dice.
  • Convert one bonus die into a test die.
  • Remove –1D.
  • Bestow –1D on opponent.
  • Take an extra Lesser Action.
  • Ignore Armor Penalty for one round.
  • Improve or worsen another character’s disposition by one step.
  • Negate another character’s use of a spent Destiny Point.
  • Add a minor detail to a scene, a useful but small element that can move the story along.
  • Activate environmental quality.
  • Ignore environmental quality.

Burning Destiny Points
When spending a Destiny Point is not enough, you can always burn a Destiny Point for a much greater effect. Burning a Destiny Point permanently reduces the number of Destiny Points you have.

  • Convert all bonus dice into test dice.
  • Add +5 to your test result.
  • Automatically succeed on one test as if you had rolled the Difficulty exactly.
  • Remove all damage and injuries (though not wounds).
  • When defeated, decide the consequences of your own defeat.
  • Transform another character’s successful test into a failed test.
  • Automatically compel another character in an intrigue.
  • Permanently remove the penalties associated with a negative quality.
  • Negate the effects of another character’s burned Destiny Point.
  • Add a significant detail to a scene, a significant and useful element that moves the story along Avoid certain death. When you use this option, your character is presumed dead.

Usando Pontos de Destino

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